Get sorted with a file sorter

Have you found that it is halfway through the year and you’ve fallen behind on filing? It doesn’t have to be a constant game of “catch-up” when it comes to file organization. If you use a heavy duty sorter, the time it takes to put away records, letters or invoices will decrease. Plus, the pressboard divider and metal tab construction ensure long-lasting durability.

Quickly organize files with the heavy duty sorter

Not only does the heavy duty sorter help you organize your files, but the durable construction provides long-lasting sort support.

If you are like me, you make several piles all over the room when you need to file. You dread this task because there never seems to be enough room on the desk or the table and you find yourself using the floor. But with a desktop file sorter, you no longer have to make those piles. Here’s how:

  1. Determine how you want to file your information. A-Z? Numerically? By month? The sorter comes with five preprinted categories: alphabetical, numerical (0-2,000), monthly, dates (1-31), days of week.
  2. Start placing the papers in the corresponding divider leaves.  For instance, if you are sorting alphabetically by customer name, start putting the “A” names under the “A” divider.
  3. Once the entire pile of papers are sorted, you can quickly and easily take each separate group to the file cabinet and file it away once and for-all. You shouldn’t have to stop by that “A” drawer several times anymore.

Hope this post helps you keep up with the filing!

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  1. Grace @shoplet Says:

    I’ve never seen a heavy duty sorter like that. Looks cool!

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