Get your household on schedule with magnetic vinyl ticket holders

At this time of the year, families are still settling into school mode. Kids are no longer fighting their parents to get up in the morning, but it is still not routine. To keep your family on top of the game and think about using a vinyl ticket holder to post your schedule, calendar or to-do list in a visible area.

My favorite holder for this idea are the magnetic ticket holders. Why? Because it adheres to the one item in the household that everyone either uses or looks at – THE REFRIGERATOR!

Keep it Informative and Fun

Use the holder to keep track of weekly chores, daily things to get done, or your child’s schedule. If you have very young children, remember to post the holder within their view. If they are too young to understand all of the words, use clip art. For instance, if you son has soccer practice. Instead of typing “soccer practice”, use a clip art image of a soccer ball.

Keep it Fresh and Current

To let others in your household know that something has changed on the paper, rotate the paper color. Buy an assortment pack of paper. When you print the first version of a list, schedule or calendar, use pink. If there is a change to the information or a new month begins, print it in yellow. Next use green, then blue. If you are out of colors at this point, start again at pink. Every time someone sees the new color, they’ll know to check the holder.

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