Get your IT papers in order with vinyl shop ticket holders

At C-Line, every office employee has a computer assigned to them. With each computer, there are certain documents that need to stay with the machine. So what does our IT Department do? They use self-adhesive vinyl shop ticket holders to keep those all-important papers stuck directly onto the side of the computer.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl Shop Ticket Holder

Above is a picture of the self-adhesive
vinyl holder on my computer.

As you can see in the picture to the left, the peel and stick vinyl holder is stuck directly to the side of my machine. By using this holder, the IT Department can be sure the papers won’t be lost. And I don’t have to worry about remembering where they are, should someone need them. Because the backing is adhesive, not magnetic, no harm is done to the machine.

There are so many uses for vinyl shop ticket holders – I discover a new one every week and you know how I love to be organized!

Not sure how these holders can help you out? Read our shop ticket holder guide to learn more.

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