Go Back to School with a Dry Erase Pocket

The must-have product for this Back to School season is the
Dry Erase Pocket!

dry erase pocket assortment

Make homework and studying easier with a dry erase pocket.
Use the same paper over and over by simply writing your answers
directly onto the pocket. When finished, just wipe clean.

The pocket is a great study aid for students.  Just insert the worksheet into the pocket and write the answers directly onto the holder with a low-odor dry erase marker.

  •  If the answers are incorrect – wipe the pocket clean and try again
  • If the answers are correct – wipe clean, insert a different worksheet and begin a new practice lesson

Plus, the bright colors help students with organizational skills.  They can learn to organize by color, by using the same color for a particular subject each time.

Save time, money and make it fun and easy to learn this school year with the use of a reusable dry erase pocket.

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