Guest Table Organized with Wooden Badge Holder

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a friend’s wedding. Since I personally know the bride, I heard about details of the big day throughout the year that she spent planning. However, when I attended the wedding, I had no idea that C-Line would be making an appearance.

C-Line's Wooden Name Badge HolderThe name badge holder allows guests to search for their name while the cards are propped up.

Before entering the reception, we looked at the guest table so we could know where we would be located. Although there are various ways to show your guests what table they are at, my friend opted for a traditional name card.

The cards, which were created by a professional to match the invitations, were stored in a long wooden holder that kept them organized and upright. Low and behold, my friend had used C-Line’s Wooden Name Badge Holder to store her guest cards.

Since the holders can fit up to 40 cards, there was six badge holders laid out across the guest table. In order to eliminate confusion, the cards were placed in alphabetical order to make it easier for guests to locate their name.

Made of study, solid hardwood, the holders was able to accommodate her name cards, which were approximately 3” x 5” in size.  Additionally, the slots were angle, allowing the cards to be easily viewed by the numerous guests that towered of the table in search of their names.

The best part is that the holders are one of the few items purchased for the wedding that can be reused for any functions my friend may host again.

Have you used the new Name Badge Holders for anything recently? Share with us your experience below!

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