High Capacity Holder Securely Stores Vendor Information in Binders

As I am quickly learning, wedding planning is a very tedious process that requires patience when weeding through vendors before finally picking the one that’s right for you. Prior to hiring a company, I had typically spoken or emailed with dozens of other businesses before even making appointments to meet with some.

It goes without saying that talking with so many people can make you feel like you are on information overload. Even though I took good notes when meeting with potential vendors, I still had to reference the hand-outs and brochures that they provided me with. These documents were especially helpful when I compared everyone prior to choosing who to go with.

As you can tell, I have been doing my research, so I needed to find a logical way to store all the information and paperwork I had received. C-Line’s High Capacity Sheet Protector was just the product I needed to help store everything I have acquired during the planning process.

C-Line's High Capacity Polypropylene Sheet ProtectorIn C-Line’s three-ring binder, I have the High-Capacity Sheet Protectors paired with the Index Dividers, which helps create sections.

For me, the most important feature of these sheet protectors is that they have the ability to store up to 50 pages. The capacity of the holder allowed me designate one sheet protector for each vendor I met with. This kept everything in one location, so I had a less chance of losing things.

In each vendor’s sheet protector, I store brochures, copies of emails and proposals, which make it easy to refer back to when I need to refresh my brain and compare companies. As we go through the planning process, I forget the details of what is offered, so this also makes it less of a hassle to locate the files.

Since the letter-size sheet protectors are already hole punched, I am able to collectively store the information in a three-ring binder. Using the binder makes it possible to add other organizational items in to sort my vendor binder even further. Adding a product like the 5-Tab Poly Index Dividers would instantly create sections, allowing me to sort the vendors based on the services they provided.

Using the High Capacity Sheet Protector to create a binder was a helpful way to store a lot of paperwork in a compact area. The information was organized and sorted so it was easy to reference.

The most beneficial part of keeping everything in order and saving other vendors’ information made me feel like I had a potential back-up if I needed it. Since I had already done the research, I saved everything I received from other contacts should anything go wrong with a vendor at the last minute!

These C-Line sheet protectors were a great tool to keep my wedding plans in order. What have you used them for recently? Share with us your experience and how they helped you below!

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