History Lesson Saved With Replacement Inserts

A friend, who is a history teacher, recently contacted me about one of our products. In her classroom, she utilizes the pin style name badges on a regular basis. As an approach to gain her students’ attention about the current focus of the class, she has developed interactive ways to get them more involved in the learning process.

So how do the badges help her accomplish that?

C-Line's Replacement Name Badge InsertsMy friend uses the Pin Style Name Badge and the Replacement Inserts in order to keep history fun in her classroom!

When my friend sets-up a mock trial or presidential debate, for example, the students are chosen to become the historic figures that the class has been learning about. The pin style name badges help to identify who a student is throughout the duration of the activity.

Although the name badges can be reused, the class went through the name badge inserts that were included in the kit pretty quickly since they do these exercises so often.  Fortunately for them, C-Line had replacement inserts that made it easy to continue using the name badge holders.

C-Line’s Replacement White Inserts for Badge Holder Kits come in two different sizes, 3 1/2 x 2 1/4 or 4 x 3, in order to accommodate both sizes of our holders. The inserts, regardless of their size, come on 8 1/2 x 11 sheets. Ideally, using an inkjet or laser printers to personalize the badges will create the best results.

The edges of each individual insert are perforated so that they can be separated from the original page and the other badge inserts. Simply bend along the perforated line and tear name badge away gently to avoid any tears.

Templates are available in order to make it effortless to customize the badges for the next history lesson, tradeshow or business conference. The plain white badge inserts allows for every badge to be personalized and tailored for any specific occasion. In addition, holders can continue to be reused for a variety of different events.

What do you use C-Line’s Replacement White Inserts for? Comment below and let us know!

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