How C-Line Employees Use Our Products: Laminating Film Roll

Sometimes the best way to see our products in-use is by simply looking around the office. Our employees at C-Line will often head to the sample room in search of one of our products.

Joe, an employee from our shipping department, recently came to me hoping to provide me with a new idea for a blog. Always interested in blog ideas, I went back to Joe’s office so he could show me how he recently started using the Cleer Adheer Laminating Film Roll.

Inside the shipping office, there has always been several posters and print-outs on the wall, but I noticed that there was a difference when I went back to look. Joe had decided to replace all the signs, shipping maps and other documents with fresh copies that now had a laminate seal over them.

He explained that he would often reprint new versions of the posters due to the dirt from the factory affecting the quality of the paper, sometimes even making it difficult to read the information on there. He decided to use the roll to laminate all of the signs to make it look more professional in appearance, while also helping to protect it from the rough industrial conditions.

Joe said selecting the roll of film made sense since the posters varied in size and some would have been too large for the 9” x 12” sheets to cover. The grid lines helped cut the film to the size of the document that needed to be laminated. Being able to provide a laminate seal on the documents was a big improvement to the office, both in appearance and in functionality.

C-Line's Heavyweight Cleer Adheer Laminating Film RollThe protective laminate cover helps preserve the map to avoid having to regularly replace it.

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