How C-Line Employees Use Our Products: Photo Storage

Sometimes the best way to see our products in-use is by simply looking around the office. Our employees at C-Line will often head to the sample room in search of one of our items.

Molly, C-Line’s office manager, handles everything from supply inventory to corporate meetings. She employees a variety of C-Line products throughout her day, and her the product she really loves is the Multiview Photo Holders.

2015 was a busy year for C-Line as the company hosted many employee events ranging from retirement parties to baby showers. We always have a staff member take official photos to document the events, but besides getting stored in a shared folder on the computer network, no one really see the photos again.

C-Line's >Multiview Photo HoldersMolly used the holders horizontally since we had more horizontal pictures to fit in the holders.

Always the creative thinker, Molly decided to document the year of events by creating her own photo album using C-Line supplies. She decided to utilize the Multiview Photo Holder since it had the ability to store 4” x 6” photos, a common photo print size.

Able to store up to six pictures at once, the poly holders showcase both vertical and horizontal photos.  Each slot is top loading making it easy to fill the holder with pictures. The acid-free material provides durable protection in order to help preserve memories.

Since the photo holders are three-hole punched, Molly decided to place the pages into a three-ring binder to instantly create a customized photo album. The binder was placed in our lunchroom for all employees to view. Everyone enjoyed looking through the photos and reminiscing about the memories created at our company events throughout the year.

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