How Customers Use C-Line Products: Part 1

We love hearing feedback from our customers – especially when it is positive! Knowing how people are interacting with our products is not only helpful, but it is fun hearing how they are used in real life.

In hopes of presenting another view of our products, we will share insight from individuals who have explained how they have used a variety of C-Line Products.

A 1st/2nd grade bilingual teacher described how she utilized the Economy Weight Sheet Protectors in her classroom. Below she described how the letter size document holders were beneficial in helping the students store their memories:

Each semester we run a Latino Family Literacy program.  The program lasts for eight to ten weeks and each night the participants read a new book and learn literacy strategies to take home and practice with their children. 

The most exciting part of the program is that the parents create a photo memory book for their children as the program progresses.  This creates a lasting memento that they cherish as many of them have not had the opportunity to create something like it before. 

With the plastic page protectors, they are able to create a professional looking finish and their memories will be protected for them to enjoy with their families.

C-Line's Economy Weight Polypropylene Sheet ProtectorsHere are pictures of C-Line’s sheet protectors in-use during the literacy class.

What a great idea this teacher had!

By allowing the students to store their creations in the sheet protectors, they now have the opportunity to save and protect them. Since the holders are three-hole punched, the students could store them in any standard 3-ring binders that would help create a memory book.

We love usage ideas and feedback like this teacher provided! Stay tuned for part 2 of this article next week.

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