How Customers Use C-Line Products: Part 3

Welcome to our final addition of this blog series! It has been lots of fun taking a different look at how and where our products are being used. This post idea comes straight from the owners of C-Line.

During a recent vacation, Jim and Judi Krumwiede went shopping at one of the boutique stores located on their cruise ship. While at a store, they began looking through a binder the employee had, allowing them to see different styles and variations of items that were available.

After glancing at the book, they immediately recognized the C-Line sheet protector!

The Standard Weight Polypropylene Sheet Protector was being used to help create a low maintenance type of catalog. Catalog pages were printed on A4 paper and inserted into the sheet protector to help keep them intact while customers flipped through the binder.

This sheet protector has a reinforcing edge that is punched 11 times, making it possible to fit into almost any type of binder style. The archival quality element of this sheet protector eliminates photocopy transfer, so the catalog pages will not be damaged if they are stored for a long period of time.

After seeing the sheet protector in one shop, Jim and Judi saw it being used at various other stores throughout the ship. Creating a binder with these sheet protectors made it possible to create a customizable catalog that can adjusted at any time with ease.

Take a look at Jim holding C-Line’s A4 Standard Weight Sheet Protectors!

C-Line's Standard Weight Sheet Protectors, A4 SizeThe A4 Size Sheet Protector was used to keep documents protected while customers looked through the binder.

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