How to Create a Photo Album Using One Type of Photo Storage

Whether you are creating an album to showcase pictures from your summer vacation or assembling a montage of your child’s entire school year, C-Line can help you organize your memories.

Instead of buying numerous styles of photo holders, why not purchase one kind that has the ability to accommodate a variety of styles and sizes of photos? The Redi-Mount Photo Mounting Sheets are a 9” x 11” size page that offers versatility to individuals.

Once you pull back the see-through plastic, you are ready to begin! Here is how to use these double-sided holders to create your own personalized photo album.

  • Lay-out the Images: Whether photos are 4” x 6” or 8-1/2” x 11” in size and vertically or horizontally orientated, this holder can accommodate. Position the pictures on the adhesive surface to make sure it visually looks good to you.
  • Add-Ons: Use stickers or create your own photo captions on your computer and simply adhere to the sheet around the pictures.
  • Store Keepsakes: Wanting to add your child’s classroom certificate or an airplane ticket to the photo album? Stick onto the mounting sheet and reposition just like the picture.
  • Attach to Three-Ring Binder: Since the holders are already prepunched, use a three-ring binder to store all the holders.
C-Line's Redi-Mount Photo Mounting SheetsBoth vertical and horizontal photos can be stored in the Redi-Mount Photo Mounting Sheets.

Once the plastic is pulled over the mounting sheet, the images are secured in place and visible for anyone to see. If a picture needs to be removed or placed on a different page, just peel back the protective layer and reposition as necessary!

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