How to Create Large Name Tent Cards

Hello office supply lovers! Hope you all are staying cool from the summer heat. One of the ways I avoid the beating heat is by attending various kinds of conferences or trade shows during summer. The air conditioning at trade shows are always super cool even when it’s jam packed with different exhibitors and visitors. However, I did encounter some challenges in recognizing some exhibitors because they did not have a name tent. Therefore, my goal today is to teach you how to make Name Tent Cards with C-Line’s online template.

1.Download Built-in Templates in Microsoft Word

C-Line's Large Inkjet/Laser Name Tent Inserts Download Name Tent sheet template in C-Line’s template gallery.

Head to C-Line’s main website then click on the “templates” tab to find the appropriate template in the gallery here, or type in in the URL bar.

2.Create Your Own Stylish Name Tent

C-Line's Large Inkjet/Laser Name Tent Inserts Make Name Tents more trendy by adding borders and color.

After downloading the template change the “Name(s) “and “Company Name(s)” on the template. Then, create new borders depending on your preference by highlighting “Name” and “Company Name” with your cursor and go to the Home Tab. *Under the Home tab, click Borders and select the border you desire.To change the color of the border, click on Borders and Shading from the Borders drop down menu. Under Style, choose the line style you want. Under the Color list, choose a border color. In the Width list, choose the line width you want.

3.Complete the Name Tent Look

C-Line's Large Inkjet/Laser Name Tent Inserts Align different images on the Name Tent to your preference.

Once the content and colors are edited, you can insert your company logo to tie the look together. Simply copy your image and paste it into name tent. If the image is positioned incorrectly, click on the image and under the Layout tab, go to Wrap Text and change the layout of the image.

C-Line's Large Inkjet/Laser Name Tent Inserts The Name Tents are scored to easily fold in half.

Name Tent Cards are not only easy to make, but also provides a professional appearance. The major benefit is that your partners and other professionals will notice you right away! Give it try yourself! Here are the name tents I have created for our upcoming trade show.  Connect with us on Facebook and show us your name tent designs!

*All templates are applied through Microsoft Office 2016 on this blog. Please adjust compatibility mode to upgrade features.

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