How to Create Your Own Address Book

It was not until my wedding last year that I realized how important it is to maintain an address book with people’s updated contact information. Tracking people down for correct addresses took a lot of time, and I wanted to avoid that in the future.

Post-wedding, I officially had everyone’s current contact information so I decided to spend some time and create an address book. I was disappointed in the standard books available at the store because I did not feel like they included everything I wanted, so I ultimately ended up choosing a C-Line product to use.

Sometimes DIY projects can take some time, but luckily the Mini Size Binder Kit came already assembled. Once it was reorganized, I was ready to start filling it with people’s contact information.

Here is how I decided to organize and create my very own address book.

Items Needed: Binder Label and Mini Size Binder Kit, which includes Index Dividers with Pockets, Filler Paper and a Binder Pocket.

C-Line's Mini Binder Starter KitLabeling the top of the page with the first letter of all the names listed helps keep it in alphabetical order.
  1. Label the Dividers: Split up the alphabet into five sections, and write-on each section on the self-adhesive labels. Apply to the index divider tabs and put them back into the binder.
  2. Divide the Filler Paper: Since the kit comes with 50 mini size sheets of lined paper, place 10 pages behind each divider.
  3. Store Mailing Essentials in Binder Pocket: Return address labels and postage stamps will all be stored in the binder pocket at the back of the binder.
  4. Attach Binder Label: Make it easy to identify what is being stored in the binder by filling out the insert, placing it in the holder and attaching the binder label to the spine of the binder.

Fortunately, this customized address book did not take a lot of time to create. The benefit of doing it myself was that it was organized exactly how I wanted it to be.

C-Line has recently come out with a whole line of mini size binders and accessories. All the items in the kit are also sold separately, making it possible to replenish and add more paper or other items if I need to in the future. 

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