How to Get Organized for Tax Time

Ready or not — April 15th is quickly approaching!

With a little over a month left to go, many people are scrambling to prepare for their annual visit to the accountant. Whether you have organized your documents throughout the year or you trying to sort through paperwork right now, C-Line can lend a helping hand.

There are numerous products that can be used to organize everything from receipts to legal documents. Large items, like the 21-Pocket Expanding File, can be beneficial for storing a lot of information. While the Legal Size Write-on Project Folder can store various size documents in one, easy to access folder.

My personal pick for C-Line’s top tax time item this year is the new 13-Pocket Legal Expanding File. This item has everything you will want to keep you organized this year.

C-Line's 13-Pocket Legal Size Poly Expanding FileThe colorful pre-printed tabs help to create categories to sort information into.

Here are a few reasons why I have selected this item as a must-have tax time organizer.

  • Button and Elastic Closure: Security is important when traveling with paperwork. This type of closure ensures the file will remain closed while making the trip to the accountant.
  • Archival Quality Polypropylene: The durable poly material will be an appropriate place to store paperwork after your taxes have been filed.
  • Pre-Printed Tab Inserts: The tabs are labeled in order to help organize and identify where paperwork is store. If you want to customize the tab inserts, simply write on the blank side.
  • Legal Size: Some tax documents tend to be printed on larger, legal size pages. Since the expanding file is large, it can accommodate multiple size documents.
  • Smoke Color: The partially translucent gray color is a professional and neutral tone that allows the file to be used by anyone.

This 13-pocket file is a great way to get yourself organized to meet with your accountant. Separate documents and create a filing system that is personalized to your needs by using the pocket to divide the information into categories.

If you find that this expanding file is a good fit for you (which I know you will), then it is will definitely be beneficial to create one for 2014. This will allow you to file and organize documents as you go versus scrambling to locate information last minute.

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