How To: Keep the Classroom Organized for Substitute Teachers

Teachers are one of the lucky few that must have a plan in place in case they cannot be in class to teach their students.

Preparing a schedule for the day is an expectation so substitute teachers can teach the class. Plans, however, do not include an orientation to the classroom, information on where things are located, etc.

C-Line’s Report Covers with Swing Clip can be a great tool to use to help keep the classroom organized and substitute teacher friendly.

Here’s how to get your classroom prepared:

  • Organize what you want the teacher to know and group the information into sections.
  • Since there are five colors of swing clips in the assortment, it makes sense to organize the information into five different report covers.
  • Sample Information Categories: 1. Daily Schedule 2. Emergency Contact and Allergy Information 3. Seating Charts and Room Map 4. Electronic Operational Manual 5. School Emergency Procedures
  • Create a cover page for each report cover since the first page is visible.
  • Place the 8-1/2 x 11 pages inside the report cover and secure with the swing clip.
  • Store in a visible place so subs can easily access the information.
C-Line's Report Cover with Swing ClipCreate a fun cover page to display from inside the report cover since the covers are clear.

The benefit of using this type of report cover is that it is easy to add or remove pages, if necessary. Once the information is prepared, then substitute teachers will be more knowledgeable of how the classroom works, even if the teacher does not have a lot of time to prepare before her absence.

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