How To: Learn Students’ Names Quickly

With a new semester brings a whole new set of students’ and names to learn. Many teachers have different methods to identifying who is who in the classroom.

Although C-Line has many ID products to choose from, the Labeling Pockets are a great tool to use. Not only will the names remain visible, but the insert with the student’s name can be removed if needed.

Here is how it works:

  1. Take the 3-1/2 x 2-3/4 blank insert cards and write all the students’ names on them. Make sure the ink is dark so it can be read from the front of the classroom.
  2. Attach the pocket to the front of each desk. Do this by peeling the white paper backing and attaching the self-adhesive part to the desk.
  3. Place all the inserts inside the pocket so students know where their assigned seat is.
  4. If they are older students that move from class to class, encourage other teachers to use the pockets. This will make it possible for students to use the name inserts in other rooms.

Pockets cannot be repositioned, but the self-adhesive material is strong, making it possible to reuse the pockets again.

C-Line's Self-Adhesive Labeling PocketsGeorgie likes Andrea’s label pocket, located on the front of her desk!

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