How to Make Your Employees More Comfortable in the Factory

When it comes to working in the factory, many jobs consist of staff members sitting down running machines or monitoring the production of products. Sitting all day may seem ideal, but employees can get stiff and uncomfortable remaining in the same position for long periods of time.

So what can you do to make the environment more comfortable? Utilize C-Line’s Stool or Chair Cushions to provide additional support for individuals who operate machines and participate in the manufacturing process.

Available in two different styles, the cushion are made of foam-filled padding that is covered in a thick, brown fabric.

The stool cushions are circular in shape and have a corduroy cover, which makes it possible to slip onto stool seats so that it is more secure. One of our employees loves this product so much that they even utilize it as a back pillow while sitting in a regular office chair!

Rectangular in shape, the chair cushion has a unique feature that is slightly different than the other style. The cushion is reversible so the corduroy side is ideal for warm winter comfort, while the other side, which is made of rattan material, can help keep the individual cool in the hot summer months.

Keep employees comfortable at work by incorporating C-Line’s stool or chair covers into the workplace.

C-Line's Stool or Chair CushionsC-Line employees love putting the stool cushion to use to help make their work space more comfortable.

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