How to Notify Employees of Daily Assignments and Goals

It is not uncommon for employees that work in factories to have varying jobs on a weekly or monthly basis. Sometimes it may change what machines a company is running or what project they are currently working on.

Communicating with employees is essential to promote productivity in the workplace. Here is how we suggest using the No-Hole Sheet Protector to make employer/staff member communication seamless.

  1. Create task sheet: Print a weekly employee task sheet on letter-size paper. Using both sides of the paper is allowed since the holder is clear on both sides.
  2. Store inside the No-Hole Sheet Protector: Place task sheet inside the 8-1/2″ x 11” heavyweight poly holder.
  3. Collect holders at the end of the week: Have employees remove the task sheet and return the sheet protector.
  4. Repeat the same process on a weekly or monthly basis: The sheet protectors will protect task sheets, while they are in-use during the workweek. Once goals are complete, the employer can reuse the holders in the future.

It may seem simplistic to create a task sheet to communicate with employees. However, people appreciate knowing what is expected of them and the No-Hole Sheet Protectors will help protect the sheets while in-use.

C-Line's No-Hole Sheet ProtectorSlide the letter-size task sheet inside the holder to protect it from being damaged during the workday.

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