How to Organize Your DVDs

Media storage can sometimes be a cumbersome task. DVD and CD cases can take up unnecessary room in a closet or shelf. Instead, C-Line has a variety of media storage items that can help free up space, while keeping the discs protected.

Follow these simple steps to organize your classroom media files or home CD collection by using the Deluxe Individual CD/DVD Holders:

  1. Sort: Divide the discs into categories to help get them organized so they will be easily referenced in the future.
  2. Create Labels: Use the blank inserts included to create labels identifying the title and contents of each disc. Once complete, insert the label into the opening, located on top of the holder.
  3. Remove Discs: Take the CD or DVD out of the original case and place it inside the holder. The front cover should be visible, ensuring that the delicate data side of the disc is protected by the holder’s liner.
  4. Insert Disc Information: The unique double-sided feature makes it possible to include the CD album playlist or movie notes to help identify what is on the disc.
  5. Store: Once the disc is inside holder, simply organize all of the holders into a compact CD storage box. The label makes it easy to sort through the holders stacked inside the case.
C-Line's Deluxe Individual CD/DVD HoldersThe double-sided holder can store information about the disc to help identify what is on it.

Eliminate the bulky plastic disc cases and organize in a more efficient way by using these Deluxe Individual CD/DVD Holders to store and protect your media collection.

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