How to Organize Your Move with Name Badges

Moving can be hectic and requires a lot of time and energy to be spent on everything from carefully packing valuables to coordinating the entire move. Whether you have hired movers or plan to do the heavy lifting on your own, C-Line has a valuable tool that needs to be included in your moving process.

Self-Adhesive Border Badges are typically used to identify attendees at parties, corporate events and other occasions. The badges will be utilized to organize moving boxes by helping to notify movers that boxes are fragile, while also letting them know where each one goes.

Create a meaning for each of the five different colors. Example, blue border badge is used for kitchen boxes, while red border indicates the items are fragile. The colors help to make the badges stand-out even when they are stuck to the moving box. Since the badges are 3-1/2” x 2-1/4”, it is possible to store a couple of badges on each box.

The adhesive on the back of each badge allows them permanently adhere to standard cardboard boxes, which are commonly used to move. Be as detailed as you want on the badges to make moving into your new place easy.

To make the moving process even easier, I’ve used the gold badge (a previously unused color in my moving plan) to indicate the contents of each box. This added info makes the unpacking process quicker.

C-Line's Self-Adhesive Border Badge, GreenUse the border badges to help identify the contents of boxes when packing up and preparing for a move.

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