How to Prep and Store Holiday Games

Some families enjoy playing cards or board games after dinner, while others like to get even more creative. If you are one of those people who create their own games to play, C-Line has just the right product to help get your holiday entertainment prepped and in order before guests arrive.

Preparation for the games prior to the event is important because it makes the host more at ease when it comes to game time. The Industrial Zipper Seal Shop Ticket Holders, available in 8-1/2” x 11” and 9” x 12”, is the perfect place to store game instructions, along with any dice, cards and other pieces that may be part of the game.

Clear on both sides, this unique shop ticket holder has the ability to guard the contents inside from dirt and moisture. Made from heavy vinyl, the holder can be reused if needed or the games can be stored inside until your next event.

The zipper seal prevents any loose items from falling out, while the clear vinyl allows you to see inside the holder to identify what game is stored inside.  This is especially beneficial when creating your own games because the shop ticket holder creates one central place to store all aspects of the game.

Do you have any other unique uses for the Industrial Zipper Seal Shop Ticket Holder around your home or office? If so, share with us below!

C-Line's Industrial Zipper Seal Shop Ticket HoldersI created a letter-size cover page to help identify what game
is stored in each holder.


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