How to Protect 2016 Schedules and Calendars

Along with a New Year comes a whole new set of schedules for everything from weekly fitness classes to kids’ after-school activities. Getting organized prior to 2016 will help make the transition easier.

Wondering how to keep these schedules in order?

Here’s how to utilize C-Line’s Heavyweight Cleer Adheer Laminating Sheets to get you ready for the next calendar year.

  1. Print out all schedules on to letter size paper. If there is more than one page per calendar, think about printing double–sided pages. The page will be laminated on both sides in order to provide protection for the entire document.
  2. Remove approximately one inch of the backing from one 9” x 12” laminating sheet.
  3. Place the top of the document directly on the exposed part of the film. Be sure to do this slowly to avoid air bubbles from forming. (Pro Tip: Use a ruler to smooth out the page.)
  4. Gently pull the backing off the laminating film, while applying it directly to the page.
  5. Once one side is laminated, repeat the same steps on the other side of the paper.
  6. Once complete, trim the overlapping edges leaving about a 1/8″ border.

This process doesn’t require special heat or equipment. It does, however, require patience in order to slowly apply the laminating film in a smooth manner. If a document is smaller in size, simply use the grid patterns located on the film backing in order to cut to size.

Laminate your 2016 schedules and calendars in order to make them last throughout the year. Printing and laminating prior to the start of the 2016 is a great step to getting you ready for the New Year.

C-Line's Heavyweight Cleer Adheer Laminating SheetsThe grid lines on the backing of the sheets help cut the film to size making it possible to laminate a variety of page sizes.

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