How to Select the Right Shop Ticket Holder

When it comes to shop ticket holders, C-Line is an industry leader with over ten styles available in many different variations and sizes. People will use these heavyweight document holders as everything from children’s dry erase study tools to industrial job ticket holders.

Since there are so many categories of shop ticket holders to pick from, it is important to know the difference between them. Also, it can be beneficial to see why one holder is ideal in one environment over another.

Here are a few examples of customers choosing between certain styles of shop ticket holders due to specific attributes of the product.

C-Line's Shop Ticket HoldersThe shop ticket holders are versatile in how they can be used.

Dilemma #1

A C-Line customer wants to make equipment manuals available to employees in their factory. Ideally, he wants it to be in close proximity of the machine, so that his employees have easy access to the information.

Solution: Using the High Capacity Shop Ticket Holder would provide protection for large sized items. Storing booklets, catalogs and manuals is possible due to the expanding gusset on this holder. Documents are secured with a hook and loop closure and can be hung using the eyelet at the top of the holder.

Dilemma #2

A colleague typically files her personal documents, such as bills, receipts and checks, on a monthly basis. She is often looking for ways to temporarily store these documents throughout the month to avoid paperwork from piling up or getting misplaced if there is no designated area.

Solution: The Industrial Zippered Holders can store letter-size documents and other pages prior to permanently filling them away. Sorting the paperwork between multiple holders will help her stay organized and reduce the time it takes to file everything away. The zipper closure keeps documents protected from moisture and dirt.

Dilemma #3

A friend, who works in a school, is often posting signs to let students know about events and meetings coming up. She tries to post things in visible locations like bathrooms, locker room walls or throughout the hallways. Often times, the pages get damaged or fall down and are thrown away.

Solution: Keeping the pages protected in the situation is important by using the Self-Adhesive Shop Ticket Holders. Made from a durable PVC-free poly material, the holder has a clear front, and self-adhesive backing. Simply peel the backing to apply the holder to any dry, flat surface. Holder can be reused throughout the school year.

The examples show how different types of shop ticket holders can be valuable in certain situations. Even though many of the shop ticket holders can be interchangeable used, it is still beneficial to know what item is a better fit for a particular situation.

Overall, the holders will protect whatever is stored inside, which is the main goal of the job ticket files.

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