How to use name badges this holiday party season

Yes, autumn officially started last week and the first day of October is this Friday! Can you believe how fast this year has gone already? I can’t either.

I want to take this time to go over a couple of tips for using name badges during your holiday parties. Remember, using name tags can relieve some guest awkwardness or apprehension because they will already know names of other guests.

Name badges can help make introductions easier, for both the hosts and the other guests.
For the host, if a wave of new arrivals show up at one time, you can ask each person to grab their badge. With everyone’s name on display, they can do their own introductions, while you finish setting out the appetizers!
Or, for when you are the guest and cannot remember everyone’s name at the party, just relax, look at their name tag and carry on with the conversation.
The name badges can also help set the tone of your event.
To induce a more casual feel, use self-adhesive name badges, set out colorful markers and let guests make their own. You would be surprised how well of an “ice-breaker” this can be.
For a more formal setting, use plastic name badge holders with pre-printed inserts. The name badge holders are also reusable, so you can use them for your next soiree.
Easily designate to your guests where certain rooms are.
If you are a frequent visitor to the blog, you may have seen that recent post about using a clip name badge holder and lanyard to make door signs in your home. Use this idea to create a sign for the restroom, coat room or to let guests know which rooms are off-limits.

Now, you should have one aspect under control as your holiday party planning heats up! Good luck!

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