Iconic Badges Make for Good Home Labels

When it comes to name badges, C-Line certainly has no shortage of options for individuals to choose from. Arguably our most iconic product, the “Hello my name is” badge was first created by C-Line back in 1959 and still remains to be a popular item.

Typically, we see that the pressure-sensitive badges are used for events ranging in size from a large, national trade show to a small class reunion. It is a perfect way to help identify guests or event attendees. The badges are available in four different colors, which provide additional options for organizers to pick from. The fourth color was recently added in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. The Pink Ribbon badge offers a unique touch to any event.

Although this may be the most traditional use of these badges, there are other ways that they can be beneficial. Keeping in mind that the goal of the badges is to help identify things, I have employed the badges at home in my kitchen.

I first had the idea of using the badges as labels for black canisters that I have sitting out on the counter top, which I use to store various items, such as sugar and flour. My thought was that this would make it much easier for guests to locate these regular, everyday sorts of necessities. In addition, it added a little décor to the canisters and made them instantly unique looking.

Since I intended on leaving the badges there permanently, I was not concerned with removing them in the future. Although the badges may be removable on clothing, it is important to be aware that on a surface, such as a kitchen canister, that may leave some sort of film or residue.

C-Line's Hello My Name Is BadgeTake a look at my lunch container! The Hello my name is badge lets me identify it when storing it at work.

The “Hello my name is” badges went over so well at home that we have begun using them to label just about everything from leftovers to extra food that we store in containers for a later date. There is plenty of room to write directly on the badge what the leftover food is, in addition to the date it was cooked.

Personally, I prefer using a permanent marker on the badge since it makes it easier to read. The badge is self-adhesive, making it basically stick to any flat surface that is desired. Everything from your child’s lunchbox to Rubbermaid containers can now be labeled in a fun, and unusual way.

In order to keep the badges available at all times, I leave a box of them in a kitchen drawer. Since each badge has a tabbed edge, it makes it very easy to quickly write down what I am labeling, peel off the backing paper and apply directly to the surface of whatever object I am using the badge for.

I have loved being able to use these badges to help identify things at home. Can you think of any other way the “Hello my name is” badges would be useful? Share with us your thoughts below!

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