ID Card Reels Great Storage Option for ID Badges

Many office buildings and even residential places require individuals to show an ID or swipe a badge in order to gain access to the property. If you are required to go through the same process every day, it can be frustrating to dig through your wallet or purse to locate your access card.

I was so used to taking my ID card out every morning when I came to work, then I didn’t realize how much time I was wasting standing at the door, while I located the card in my wallet. It was not until I began using the ID Card Reels that I realized what a time saver it could be.

The Translucent ID Card Reels have the ability to make IDs accessible, while keeping them in one central location. The belt clip allows the card reel to be attached to a belt, shirt pocket, briefcase or purse. This makes it much easier to locate when entering your office building, gym, etc.

C-Line's Translucent ID Card ReelsThe green ID card reel is attached to my purse in order to keep my badge visible and easy to access.

Many ID badges have a thin slot located at the top of the badge. This is the perfect place to attach the snap-on strap, in order to connect the badge to the card reel.

If the badge does not have an opening for the strap, like the one pictured, then it is an option to place the ID badge in a plastic holder to connect it to the card reel. C-Line has many different badge holder styles available to choose from, depending on what type of ID badge you have.

With the ID Card Reels, you have the ability to use the card without having to remove the badge from the snap-on strap attachment. Instead, pulling the ID badge will release the 30-inch, retractable cord, allowing you to show your badge to security or swipe it by the door sensor.

The Translucent ID Card Reels are available in two sets of colors, assorted and assorted pastel colors. The variety of colors allows you to use multiple card reels for different things. For example, the green card reel could be used for work, while the blue card reel holds your gym membership card. Using color to coordinate IDs is a great way to avoid any confusion.

After using the car reel for a few days, I realized how much easier it made coming in and out of the building. I left the reel attached to the inside of my purse, so I knew exactly where my ID was every morning. It saved time and frustration by storing it this way.

Have stored your ID in a similar way? Share with us why you decided to use this type of ID storage over another.

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