Index Card Notebook Great Study Tool for Exams

Summer is approaching and that means school is almost out. Before the end of the year can come many students are facing finals. For everyone who has to buckle down and study in the coming weeks, I have a great study tip for you.

One of the best tools that I would use when preparing for a big exam was flashcards. Taking the time to run through information and create the cards would help me to memorize the information. I would continuously run through the flashcards to quiz myself.

If you find that flashcards help you, then you have to utilize C-Line’s ultimate study tool. The Spiral Bound Index Card Notebook allows you to create flashcards and keep them grouped together.

C-Line's Spiral Bound Index Card Notebook with TabsEach flashcard should have a question on one side and the answer on the back of the index card.

Here is a few ways that the features of this notebook can help you prepare for finals:

  • Clear View Front Cover: Use this space to identify what subject the notebook is being used for.
  • Repositionable, Tabbed Dividers: Create sections within the notebook to help divide up the information that needs to be studied.
  • Perforated Edges: Index cards can easily be removed from the notebook if that particular flashcard is no longer needed.
  • 3×5 Lined Index Cards: The lines help to fit a lot of information, so answers to the question can be explained in more detail, if needed.
  • Assorted Colors: Available in blue, pink and purple, the notebooks can also be identified based on color.

I wish I had used this product when I was in school. Since all of the index cards are bound together, it would have been much easier to keep in my bag, so I could study whenever I had time.

The Index Card Notebook is proven to be a great study tool before any big exam!

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