Index Card Notebook is Great To-Do List Organizer

To me, the more versatile a product is, the more likely I am to use it.

Office products have the unique ability to be beneficial throughout many aspects of your daily life. From using laminating film to make recipe container to storing menus in a shop ticket holder, many of C-Line’s products have significant benefits outside of the typical office setting.

Take the Spiral Bound Index Card Notebooks with Tabs, for instance. Originally, C-Line’s suggested use for this product was to store class notes or project details all within one compact notebook.

The repositionable tabbed dividers make it easy to split the notebook up into sections, which sort the notes into categories. Since it is only 3” x 5” in size, it is does not take up a large amount of space in a bag or any other storage place.

C-Line's Spiral Bound Index Card NotebookTake a look at how I used C-Line’s Spiral Bound Index Card Notebook.

To me, however, this product is ideal for storing weekly “To-Do” lists.

Between work, home and school taking up a large amount of my time, I like to create lists in order to organize my thoughts. Writing down what I need to accomplish within a week, makes it easy to prioritize tasks in order to complete them on time. The three removable tab dividers will divide my various lists into three sections.

Since the notebook is so compact in size, I am able to store it directly in my purse. This allows me to pull it out and make myself notes at any time.

I have been using this product for several months, and it has allowed me to visually see my progress in all three areas. It has kept things clear, as well as helped me to avoid being forgetful. In addition, since the lists are able to be stored in the notebook, I can refer back to old lists at any time to see if something was completed.

The Index Card Notebook has proved to be a very valuable tool throughout my everyday life. How have you used the Spiral Bound Notebook? Share with us below.

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