Index Divider Organizing Coupon Binder

Couponing is a trend that seems to be here to stay. In order to cut costs, people are looking for any opportunity to save. Cutting, sorting and storing coupons may be time consuming depending on how involved you are in this hobby. However, their value seems to outweigh the commitment required in order to truly reap the benefits.

As an avid coupon-er myself, I have realized the importance of having an organizational system in place that makes sense to you. Not only does it make it easier to reference coupons, but it also keeps them accessible while you are at the store.

C-Line's 5-Tab Index Tab Divider with Slant PocketsI didn’t have time to file my coupons last night, so I put them directly in the slant pocket.

There are many ways that coupons can be stored and organized. While it depends on the individual person’s preferences, using some type of coupon file or binder is usually the most popular options. C-Line’s coupon files have the ability to categorize coupons, but are only made for a specific size.

If you want to store larger, even full page coupons, then most likely creating a “Coupon Binder” is the best way to go. C-Line has both 1” and 1 ½” sized binders available to choose from. Select your preferred sheet protector to store the coupons in and you are almost done!

Adding the categorization element to the binder is essential in order to keep the coupons sorted and avoid aimlessly shuffling through everything when you are looking for one particular store discount. By using the 5-Tab Poly Binder Index Dividers with Slant Pockets, you have the ability to visibly separate coupon categories, while making them accessible.

The letter size dividers are made of durable, archival quality polypropylene and are pre-punched so they will fit into C-Line’s 3-ring binders. The assortment of colors also makes it possible to color code categories so that they are more identifiable.

The write-on self-adhesive tabs makes it easy to customize how you want to organize your binder. Everyone thinks differently, so making your organizational system your own is beneficial.

The best part about the index dividers is that each one features a double-sided easy-load slant pocket, which allows for extra storage. However, I find it the perfect place to store coupons I haven’t had time to sort. Leaving the coupon in the pocket lets me know it still needs to be alphabetized with the others in that section.

Do you organize your coupons? Share with us your system!

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