Index Dividers with Pockets Keeps Documents in Order to Home Renovation

After contemplating for months about whether or not to remodel her home, a coworker has decided to start making plans to renovate her kitchen. Knowing that the planning process would be extensive, she wanted to be sure to stay organized so that all of her research would be in order.

Keeping track of quotes and vendors she contacted, in addition to tracking all of her final decisions would be beneficial in the long run. Not only would she be able to recall what colors were used to paint the kitchen, but she could also fall back on another company if her contractor ever fell through.

To keep all this information organized my coworker needed something that could store loose paperwork, such as color swatches. Additionally, she wanted to use an item that would not require a lot of preparation time so that she could begin the remodeling research.

Ultimately, she decided that the Index Dividers with Pockets would be the perfect addition to her “Renovation Binder”, as she likes to call it. The binder would easily be organized by the dividers, while also creating an additional storage space with the pockets inside.

C-Line's 5-Tab Poly Binder Index Dividers with Slant PocketsThe dividers come in an assortment making it easy to identify sections based on color.

The dividers were separated into various steps of the renovation process. The self-adhesive labels were used to identify the sections, such as paint, flooring and lighting. Now when my coworker is looking for something in particular, she simply has to flip to that section in order to locate the information.

Another benefit of the dividers is the slant pockets, which are located on both the front and the back side. The pockets would allow my coworker to meet with vendors, and simply slide the information into the poly divider at the end of the meeting.

Information packets, brochures and other hand-outs could be kept in the pockets until there was time to review the information and decide what to do with it. It was not necessary to three-hole punch, organize or even place the information inside a sheet protector during the meeting. Instead, that extra organizational step could be done at a later time.

Overall, the letter-size dividers would make a great addition to C-Line’s standard 3-ring binder. Combined with other accessories like sheet protectors and binder pockets, my coworker’s “Renovation Binder” was undoubtedly going to be useful during the home remodeling project.

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