Industrial products available at C-Line

You may know that C-Line manufacturers office products, but did you know that many of the current products can be used in an industrial setting as well? Many of our products are made from heavyweight, durable polypropylene and vinyl meaning they will hold up in the toughest environment.

Stitched Shop Ticket Holders

Shop ticket holders feature an eyelet for convenient hanging

Stitched Shop Ticket Holders feature an eyelet or hanging strap for convenient placement anywhere, ideal for automotive industry.

Shop ticket holders are perfect for automotive shops, manufacturing facilities, and more, with their heavyweight construction. They were also one of the first products added to the line once the company expanded their offering in 1953. You can keep work orders, production schedules, inventory cards, keys and more all in one place with these pockets, while keeping the contents clean. The eyelet or hanging strap at the top of the vinyl holder also makes it convenient for hanging anywhere it is needed.

Magnetic Shop Ticket Holders

Magnetic Shop Ticket HoldersWith magnetic shop ticket holders, you can keep instruction manuals, industrial maintenance logs and more attached to the machines in your factory.

Magnetic shop ticket holders stick to any metal surface. They are perfect for keeping maintenance logs or instructions stuck to the actual machinery. The smaller holder is great to put on warehouse racking, to help identify products, case configurations, anything to help your business run more efficiently by keeping materials at your finger tips. For instance, a common use of magnetic holders is to post routine maintenance schedules on the machine, where an employee can easily initial that the maintenance check has been done as scheduled.

Breakaway Neck Lanyards

C-Line's breakaway lanyards ensures safety in any industrial environmentThe breakaway neck lanyard features two releases in case the lanyard is pulled or caught in a machine.

Breakaway neck lanyards help to keep your business safe and secure. The breakaway clip on the lanyards instantly unsnaps if pulled or caught in a machine. The safety lanyards also provide the prominent display of badges and ID’s to ensure no uninvited visitors go unnoticed.

C-Line’s products have many uses in industrial settings beyond the office. How do you use your C-Line product? Comment below.

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  1. Randy Says:

    Fantastic product, can be used in the warehouse and on the service call.


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