Industrial Shop Ticket Holder gets most versatile award

Industrial Shop Ticket Holder

The industrial shop ticket holder wins the award for most versatile C-Line product!

Of all the products in the C-Line line-up, do you know which is the most versatile? Don’t have a guess? It is the industrial shop ticket holder. That’s right, a product that people typically think is used for industrial settings only, is actually the best all-around product.

Why are ticket holders so multifaceted?

These extremely durable holders are made from heavyweight vinyl, meaning they can withstand any place you want to put them – displaying the home improvement project schedule in your garage, stuck to the refrigerator and featuring the week’s dinner recipes or in a mother’s travel bag during her family’s annual vacation. That’s right, they aren’t just for work anymore.

Plus, they come in such a variety of sizes (2 1/4” x 3 1/2” to 15″ x 18″), stitched or sealed, magnetic or self adhesive or zippered, black, clear or neon edges, and even in envelope form. The variety and possibilities are endless.

How can I use them?

I use my neon ticket holders to organize bills and event details (I’m currently planning my sister’s autumn wedding). When I was in school, these color holders helped me keep class notes and projects together. I was able to organize each class by color, so I always knew that Economics was yellow, Marketing was pink, Accounting was red, Finance was green, and so on. And now, I find out that the neon shop ticket holders I loved throughout my school years also can be used as a reusable dry erase pocket. Wow, knowing that may have saved this former college student some money!

One co-worker uses hers as a binder accessory, keeping items such as receipts, over-sized or bulky documents and paper clippings together, behind all the sheet protectors. One time, I saw her three hole punch the ticket holder and insert it into her binder rings. She swore that the contents never stayed together in the inside pockets of a binder, and this was the best and only way to keep everything together.

The smallest size of the Clear ‘N Sturdy envelope is perfect for keeping my gift cards organized. And when I need to whittle down the contents of my purse to only accommodate the most basic and important items, like when I travel, this size perfectly holds my driver’s license, a credit card or two and some cash. (I like to travel light in the purse department.)

How do you use your industrial shop ticket holder? In a traditional way or have you made it your own? Comment below.

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