Inventory management gets a makeover with vinyl shop ticket holders

Having inventory organization and management problems within your business? A customer of ours was too, and came up with a solution for using vinyl shop ticket holders to keep her inventory in order.

Self-Adhesive Holders Hold Tight

The customer uses the self-adhesive 5 x 8 shop ticket holder, which works wonderfully for labeling her inventory boxes and bins. Instead of having to cover up old writing, she is able to easily update her labels. She just discards the old label, prints up a new one and inserts it into the holder.

Attract Organization with Magnetic Holders

If you keep your inventory stored on metal shelves, the magnetic vinyl holder is great solution. The 3 x 5 size holder is specifically sized for metal racking and shelves. It provides the same functionality as the self-adhesive holder, but for metal surfaces.

Another good customer tip brought directly to you. Have a tip of your own for staying organized with C-Line tell me about it in the Comments section below.

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