It is October and Pink is IN!

Personally, I think pink is always in style, but come October, supporting the “pink” movement becomes especially important every year. Since this month has been deemed Breast Cancer Awareness month, the color pink is often used to promote awareness of this disease.

C-Line, a proud sponsor of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, created a product several years ago to help people promote awareness through their means of organization. Who knew a sheet protector could mean so much?

The Pink Ribbon Sheet Protector has many similar qualities of other C-Line sheet protectors, but it does have a unique feature unlike other products. The reinforcing strip, located along the left side of the sheet protector, is typically colored white. In this case, however, the strip is a shade of pink with a ribbon printed just below the middle hole punch.

C-Line's Pink Ribbon Sheet ProtectorThe pink reinforcing strip adds a splash of color, while bringing awareness to a good cause.

The subtle feature makes it a very appropriate item to use both professionally and at home. The color along with the ribbon aims at reminding us what this month of October is all about—awareness.

Being that it is Breast Cancer Awareness month, there is already more acknowledgement of this disease. The benefit of using this product throughout the year is that it continues to remind people that awareness should be year round.

Beyond the pink features of this product, the sheet protector provides significant protection to letter-size documents. The standard weight polypropylene has an archival-quality component that ensures the copy on the page itself will not transfer to the sheet protector.

The pink reinforcing edge is also three-hole punched, so it can easily fit into any standard size three-ring binder. The top loading design allows for pages to easily slide in and out. Since the sheet protector is clear on both sides, it is possible to display information on both sides of the holder.

So why not support Breast Cancer Awareness month by using these sheet protectors to add a subtle hint of color, while reflecting a positive message! Tell us how you have used these sheet protectors in the past.

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