Laminating Film Makes Recipe Cards Durable

Recently, I have taken an interest to cooking, and have tried to be a little more adventurous experimenting with new recipes. Since I get them directly off my phone, it makes referencing the recipe while cooking quite difficult, especially when trying to avoid ingredients getting all over my phone. Not to mention, I usually can never find the same recipe twice.

If I have painted this picture well, you are beginning to see what a mess (literally) this process can become for me. How can this be avoided, you ask?

Enter C-Line Products Heavyweight Cleer Adheer Laminating Film!

Although there are several sizes to choose from, I find that the 4×5 size works perfectly with recipe cards. Whether you write your own recipe on an index card or print one out directly from a website, the Cleer Adheer Laminating Film protects them from destruction by eliminating the potential for food damage.

Heavyweight Cleer Adheer Laminating Film

The Cleer Adheer Laminating Film will work with all types of recipe cards!

The process of applying the laminating film is one that requires little talent. There is no heat or other supplies necessary. Simply peel off the backing paper and apply it to your recipe card.

Also, the Cleer Adheer Laminating Film has proven that it can withstand the test of time, ensuring that your recipe cards are well guarded.

C-Line’s 13-Pocket Biodegradable Coupon Size Expanding File is the ideal place to organize and store your recipes after they have been laminated. The 4×5 laminating film fits perfectly in the expanding file. Not to mention, it has write-on tabs that allow you to alphabetize your recipes for a more convenient way to reference them.

Another example of how life outside the office can become more organized and less chaotic with the help of C-Line Products.

How have you used the Cleer Adheer Laminating Film? Comment below, and let us know!

Coupon Size Expanding File

The 4 x 5 laminating sheets fit perfect in the coupon size expanding file. Very easy to keep recipes organized!

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