Laminating film pocket saves the Christmas day

This year, I ordered my sister the present that she has been wanting – a back seat protector cover for when her dog in her car. Although I ordered it in early December, it is not scheduled to ship until the end of the month. To avoid having to tell her “sorry, I have no present for you”, I decided to put together a certificate for the item and laminate it in a Cleer Adheer Quick Cover.

Why not just give her a simple piece of paper or the order confirmation? Because, using the laminating folder will give the appearance of something special, which holiday gifts should be.

She’ll still feel like she is getting a gift for the holidays, although it will be a little late.  By taking the small, extra step of laminating the certificate, she still knows that someone was thinking about her during this gift-giving season.

laminating film pocket showcases late holiday gift

Above, the certificate I created, laminated in a Cleer Adheer Quick Cover.
She’ll love this almost as much as the actual present!

Try it out for any gifts that you purchased, but won’t be delivered to you before the holidays. And, if you need a little help using the Quick Cover, be sure to check out our how to video.

And on a side note, I think I discovered a much needed gift for myself for this holiday season – a new camera!  Happy Holidays!

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