Legal Document Case is Flexible Storage Option

Looking at C-Line’s website, some of you may have noticed that there have been additions since the beginning of the year. All new items are functional, yet have a unique flair to them. Throughout this year, I will highlight one of our new products so that everyone can become better acquainted.

So, the item up first (and my one of my favorite new items) is the Poly Expanding Legal Document Case!

As with any of our other document cases, the benefit of this product is that it has the ability to store numerous files within one compact carrier.

All of the document cases sport fabric gussets that allow for it to expand, which increases the capacity of the case. In addition, the elastic closure ensures that documents and files are all securely stored in the document holder.

C-Line's Legal Size Document CaseThe document case fits in my laptop bag, which ensures all my files are secure and organized.

So what separated the new Expanding Document Case from the rest? The size! This is C-Line’s first legal size document case, which adds a whole new dimension to the carrier. The case, which is 15 x 10 in size, has the ability to store multiple size documents in order to make it a more versatile product.

This case has become particularly valuable to me. I have been able to use it as somewhat of an organizer for my laptop bag.

Since my bag is already split into two sections, I keep my laptop on one side of the divider and the other side has various documents, files, pens etc. Unfortunately, I was beginning to become somewhat frustrated with my bag since the files never seemed to be entirely secure.

Thankfully, the document case fits directly into my laptop bag. Any files or information that seemed to be loose in the bag are now stored directly in the document case for extra security. Being that it is legal size, I have no concerns that larger documents will fit.

As time goes by and files increase in size, the gusset gives the carrier the ability to expand and fit up to 1000 sheets, which is C-Line’s highest capacity document case to date. Additionally, the sleek look to the case makes it professional looking should I ever decide to use it outside of the bag.

What are your thoughts on this product or any of C-Line’s new 2012 items? Share with us your thoughts below!

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