Legal Envelopes Offer More Storage Flexibility

Some of you may be familiar with our reusable envelopes. They work great in a variety of settings, such as the workplace, home and even at school. Whether you use them for interoffice mailing or sending home papers with students, they are a durable option that makes it easy to protect documents while transporting them.

Up until this point, we had only provided letter-sized envelope selections. However, at the beginning of this year, C-Line introduced a Legal Size Reusable Poly Envelope.

C-Line's Legal Size Reusable EnvelopeThe Reusable Envelope is a translucent smoke color, which makes it easy to identify what is stored in the envelope.

The side loading envelope is versatile in how it can be used. You now have the option to store both legal and letter size documents in one location. Additionally, the 1-inch gusset allows the envelopes to expand creating additional space for storage.

The envelopes can be a valuable tool within the office. Whether you personally use it for document storage or interoffice mail, it gives you more storage flexibility. In addition, the envelopes can also be a unique way to provide hand-outs or present large spreadsheets to a client.

The neutral smoke color makes it appropriate for work use, but the item can certainly come in handy at home. Although you may not think you encounter legal size documents often, I beg to differ.

Recently, I have run into several instances where I have needed to store legal size documents and have been very ill-equipped.  Through doing taxes and receiving end of the year investment statements, I was left with a stack of legal sheets and no way to store them.

I tried to be creative by folding these large sheets of paper, in hopes that they may fit into my standard size files. It’s no surprise that that didn’t work. I opted to invest in C-Line’s legal size envelopes and save myself the storage headache!

Have you had trouble storing legal size documents in the past? Share your stories below!

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