Legal Size Expanding File Becomes Craft Supply Storage Unit

When it comes to document storage, C-Line has a wide selection of items to pick from. Specialty files are sized to fit everything from legal size pages to coupons. Some files are simple in their appearance, while others have fashionable designs.

Traditionally, expanding files are used to sort and organize documents with one portfolio. Recently, a customer let us know about a very different use that they found for the 21-Pocket Legal Size Expanding File.

A craft and scrapbook enthusiast by nature, this customer had always looked for different ways to store all of her supplies. Rubber containers, folders and shelving units have all be used at one point to organize her craft materials.

This particular customer did a lot of crafts outside of her home. She would go to classes or meet up with friends to work on their scrapbooks and other crafts. The biggest obstacle came when it was time to pack up all of her supplies and transport them.

C-Line's 21-Pocket Expanding File, Legal SizeOrganize your 21-Pocket Expanding File, so it works with your scrapbook or craft supplies.

Obviously, this customer’s biggest concern was keeping her scrapbook material protected. There never seemed to be a logical way to gather up everything without damaging it or possibly, leaving something behind. The frustration of moving supplies led the customer to search for a more transportable method of storing these items.

When she came across C-Line’s expanding file, she felt that this was what she had been looking for. Since the file has 21 pockets, it automatically created multiple sections for her supplies to be divided up in. The dividers made it easy to identify what type of craft item was stored in a particular pocket.

Since her supplies come in a variety of sizes, this expanding file is can accommodate everything up to 14 x 8 1/2 in size. The storage pockets are made up of durable, acid-free polypropylene, while the exterior has a hard, protective outer cover.

The biggest benefit to this product is that it has a carrying handle, making transporting art supplies an actual possibility. Storing items within this expanding file eliminates the time it takes to individually pack up each item, while still making sure it will not get damaged. With this file, the customer simply had to close up the file and secure the contents with the plastic locking closure.

The customer’s decision to use the 21-Pocket Expanding File as her Arts and Crafts Carryall proves how versatile C-Line’s storage products can be. It is possible to adapt them to work with whatever it is you are trying to store.

Have you used one of C-Line’s expanding files in any unique way recently? Share with your thoughts below.

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