Legal size sheet protectors help to meet your business needs

Keeping your documents organized in your binder is hard enough when the daily office life gets a little hectic. But how about when you receive a print-out of a report that is printed on legal size paper? Do you stop and think, “how am I going to fit this in my binder?” Do you do what many people do and fold it over to try to make it fit with all your other letter size papers?

The Benefits of Legal Size Sheet Protectors

Legal Size Sheet Protectors Provide Document Storage for all of your Legal Size Papers
Legal size sheet protectors provide document storage for all of your legal size papers

Did you know that there are heavyweight legal size sheet protectors to keep all your legal size document safe, secure and fold-free? These protectors are clear polypropylene meaning that they are acid-free, archival quality and photocopies won’t stick. Or, when that document is just too large to fit in one sheet protector, look to the super capacity sheet protector with the tuck-in flap for assistance. The flap keeps up to 200 pages of documents secure. Both are made of durable heavyweight material to handle daily wear-and-tear. And the sheet protectors are 7-hole punched to fit in both 3-ring and 4-ring binders.

Legal size sheet protectors are also a great benefit to anyone who regularly deals with legal papers, such as law offices and financial institutions. Instead of keeping documents together in envelopes, which easily accommodate legal size papers, these places of business have the ability to organize their papers neatly and in binders by using legal size sheet protectors.

The Many Varieties of Sheet Protectors

Whatever your document storage and organization needs may be, there are many options for you:

Variety of sizes – from letter to legal to mini
Wide selection of product weights – super heavyweight, heavyweight, standard weight and economy
Different materials – polypropylene or vinyl
Various finishes to consider – clear, non-glare and reduced-glare
Special use attributes to allow further organization – biodegradable, recycled, antimicrobial protected, colored, tabbed, high capacity, panoramic and so much more

View our nifty guide to ensure you always select the right sheet protector.

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