Legal size sheet protectors helped me sort real estate papers

My husband and I recently bought a new house. With that, not only came a new set of keys, but mounds of paperwork. Some documents were letter size, but most were legal size. I wanted to have everything organized because you never know when you will need the land survey you were given at the closing.

So after the closing, we walked out of the building with a giant stack of documents and I immediately organized them in a binder, using legal size sheet protectors. (Okay, not immediately, but I did the following day after I bought a new legal size binder.)  I just did not like the thought of all those papers loose in the file cabinet or a drawer. I like having all the signed forms in one place.

Some forms were multiple pages. For those, I used the super capacity legal size holders. The tuck-in flap keeps everything secure. Both page protectors used are made from heavyweight material, so they will last a long time, which is good since we plan on being in the house for a long time.

Once done with the closing papers, I decided to add the rest of the real estate documents, such as the contract we signed when we first placed an offer on the house and the home inspection report.

I realize I sound like an organization geek, but that is what works for me. Just wait until you see how I organize the new basement shelves!

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