Let’s Learn Together: Create Various Colored Name Badges

Some of our C-Line customers often wonder are there other methods to using the White Name Badge Sheets instead of simply handwriting on the badges? Yes, of course! Let me show you how to download and use our templates.

C-Line's Name Tag Label SheetOur C-Line employee likes the designed Name Badge created for her.

Download Built-in Templates in Microsoft Word  

There are a couple of ways to download a template. Personally, I think the simplest approach is to download the template from C-Line’s template gallery. You may find the appropriate template in the gallery according to product number here, or go directly to https://www.c-lineproducts.com/template.

C-Line's Name Tag Label SheetDownload name tag sheet template in C-Line’s template gallery.

1. Locate Template: When you have located the correct template, click on the product number link. The product number should turn dark blue as you hover over the link and click on it.
2. Download Template: Once you have clicked on the link, it will take you to a webpage that contains the proper file template URL. To download the template, simply click on the blue highlighted link and your computer should automatically download the template. (eg: Microsoft Word Template LBI923.dot)
3. Open Template: Now that you have successfully downloaded the file, open the template and it should look like the first image on the bottom.

Jazz up Built-in Templates in Microsoft Word

C-Line's Name Tag Label SheetSpice up your name badges by adding borders and color.

1. Keep the Look: Keep the simplistic look and change the “Name(s)“ and “Company Name(s)” on the template.
2. Add Borders: To create a border for your badges, highlight “Name” and “Company Name” with your cursor and go to the Home Tab. Under the Home tab, click Borders and select the borders you desire.
4. Add Border Color: To change the color of the border, click on Borders and Shading from the Borders drop down menu. Under Style, choose the line style you want. Under the Color list, choose a border color. In the Width list, choose the line width you want.
5. Add Background: To change the background, click on Shading and from the Shading drop down menu select a color you prefer.


C-Line's Name Tag Label SheetCreate different designs of Name Badges for any type of event.

Creating a name badge with different colors is just as easy as 1, 2, 3. Have fun and play around with it to create different designs for your badges. These name badges will be perfect for upcoming corporate events. Here are some badges I have created for my colleagues. Connect with us on Facebook and show us your name badge designs!

C-Line's Name Tag Label SheetThe Name Badge Sheets have micro-perforation for easy separation.
*All templates are applied through Microsoft Office 2016 on this blog. Please adjust compatibility mode to upgrade features.

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