Lock in your papers for secure project organization

In this blog, I usually tell you about products that I love to use. But sometimes, that may seem a stale, as they tend to well-known and well-liked items. So today, let me introduce you to the locking project folder.

The folder is similar to our other project folders, as it is open on two sides. But, this version has a flap on the upper right-hand corner that folds over the front portion of the folder, locking in the contents. I admit, this product passed me by and I did not frequently use it.

Recently, a co-worker began to use them for inter-departmental correspondence. These papers would get passed throughout our department for everyone to review and comment on. Sometimes it’s a page or two; other times there are several papers. With the types of projects we are working on, none of the correspondence was more than the folder maximum of 50 pages.

As an added bonus, the flap also feature an index tab, so that you can easily organize each folder.

magnetic name badge holder

Here is a closeup of the locking flap and index tab on the poly locking project folder.

I’d like to thank my co-worker for re-introducing this style of project folder to me. It worked and nothing has gotten lost or misplaced. Now I’ve become a frequent user of this locking style holder.

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