Locking Component on Folder Secures Documents

Standard file folders have the ability to serve many purposes. They can be used to organize and protect documents as well as making important pages more identifiable within a larger file. The folders that are traditionally used in the workplace have a tab for labeling and are open on three sides for easy access.

However, this type of folder may prove to be problematic if you transport files within the office or travel with work documents that are stored in traditional file folders. For the particular situation, it may be valuable to consider a more secure option that still has labeling functions in order to avoid damage to important pages.

C-Line's Locking Project Folder with Index TabsHere, the assorted Project Folders with Locking Index Tabs are stored on a file organizer that sits on my desktop.

Utilizing C-Line’s Locking Project Folder with Index Tabs can keep documents secure, while still allowing the information to be identified with the traditional tab. The folders come in two different color arrangements, clear or assorted, making it possible to color code files based on importance, category or even customer.

The folders are used for letter size document storage. This ensures that they can be used to organize and sort information in standard hanging file folders. In addition, the project folders can also be stored on multiple desktop organizers for pages that tend to be used more often.

In order to lock the tab in place, the front cover of the folder will slide under the locking tab located under the index tab. Once this is complete, the folder is now only open on one side, which still keeps documents accessible while it is “locked” in place.

If the index tab is not locked in place, then the folder is open on two sides like any other type of project folder.

The folder is made of heavyweight, archival quality polypropylene, which eliminates the possibility for photocopy transfer. Up to 50 letter sizes documents can be stored in the folder at one time. Since it is reduced glare, the front page can still be seen through the translucent material.

What’s not to love? C-Line’s Locking Project Folder with Index Tabs combines favorite aspects of many traditional office products into the item that has the ability to be useful in various situations.

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