Luggage Tags Help Organize Messy Closet

It always seems that when you are standing in line at the airport, all set to get your boarding pass, there is inevitably one thing that you forgot. For me – that one thing is usually my luggage tag. Fortunately, C-Line has a Super Heavyweight Cleer Adheer Luggage Tag that has solved this problem for me.

I usually keep a whole pack at home so that I can be prepared to tag my luggage before even heading to the airport. In the past, I never thought about using these tags to label anything other than my suitcases. Recently, I saw a way that these laminating tags could be a huge help during my annual spring cleaning.

At home, I have a closet that seems to collect more random things then I know what to do with. After reading a blog about de-cluttering your home, I decided to really spend time sorting through the contents of this closet and organizing it.

After looking through the items, I decided to sort them into groups and then utilize some type of bin or container to store each category of items in. There were a lot more groups then I expected, so I decided to label the containers, making them easier to identify.

C-Line's Cleer Adheer Luggage Tag KitThe plastic attachment strap helps to secure the tag to the basket’s handle.

I thought about what I could use for labels that I had in my house and then I realized that the luggage tags would be the perfect product for the job. Within seconds, I could laminate my labels, making them immediately more durable because of the super heavyweight material.

The tag comes with a plastic attachment strap that allows the label to be attached to the handle of the basket or container that I use, but without permanently adhering it. This will allow me to reorganize and adjust what is being store without having to purchase new bins or damage the current ones.

The labels I created were customized on my computer, just to make them look a little nicer. Once they were slightly larger in size then a standard business card, I printed and cut out each label. Laminating was so easy. Once the label was in place, I peeled back the protective liner and sealed. That was all it took!

When I was finished organizing the closet, it was so much easier to locate where everything was. Although these tags are intended for labeling suitcases with contact information during travel, these laminating pockets can be valuable in many other scenarios.

I was definitely glad to have stocked up on the luggage tags before my spring cleaning began!

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