Meet C-Line’s Travel Expense Organizer

Recently, my fiancé started a new job that requires him to travel to visit customers on a regular basis. As many of you know, there are additional tasks and bookkeeping that comes along with traveling for work. It has now become essential for him to keep a record of every expense and save all receipts from his work trips.

While this may not seem like the most difficult task, keeping all receipts and expense documentation organized while traveling can definitely be a challenge. When it comes time to create an expense report, it makes life a lot easier when all the necessary paperwork is ready to go, instead of having to search through briefcases and jacket pockets for that dinner receipt.

C-Line Products Junior Size Expanding FileEach pocket is divided by month, making it easy to refer back to specific business trips.

When we looked into creating a Travel Expense Organizer, naturally, size was a big factor. He wanted something that could store a substantial amount of paperwork, while still being compact enough to avoid taking up too much space in his briefcase.

C-Line’s 13-Pocket Junior Size Expanding File seemed liked the perfect fit for this particular type of organizer. Since the file is 10 x 5 in size, it has the ability to store large receipt, expense check stubs and more. The most beneficial part of this file is that letter size documents could still fit in the file, once they were folded in thirds.

Not only did the poly file meet the size requirements, but it also has built-in organization features. There are 12 tabs with preprinted inserts, which allowed the pockets to be labeled and easier to identify. Organize the file alphabetically or by months, depending on what you are storing. For this purpose, the monthly tabs were used.

The durable poly material is able to protect the file’s contents, while the button and elastic closure secures them in the file when traveling. In addition, the material is archival-quality, which ensures that there is no photocopy transfer, so the information on the pages will remain intact.

So how does it operate? During the trip, all expense documentation is stored in the correct month pocket. Once the check is received, the stub is stored directly behind the documentation. This ensures that receipts do not get mixed up or duplicated, especially if multiple trips occur in the same month.

After the Travel Expense Organizer is initially set-up, the work is really over. By bringing it on business trips and slipping receipts in the correct pocket, the file essentially takes over and does the organization for you.

Share your thoughts with us! Is this C-Line product something that could make your life easier when traveling for work or documenting any type of expenses?

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