Meeting name badge holders help with introductions

This past weekend, I helped host a bridal shower for my sister. It was not a formal affair, but there were still guests whom I had not met or did not know all of us in the bridal party. So, what did I do? I created name tags to be used with name badge holders for the entire bridal party.

Name Badge Holders

Plastic badge holders were the perfect bridal shower addition to introduce the bridal party to all of the guests. Here is mine – a biodegradable name badge that I attached from my shirt button.

I created the tags by downloading a 4 x 3 badge template from the Template Gallery. From that file, I was able to customize each badge with a wedding-themed image. Then, because I did not know in advance what the other two people would be wearing, I was sure to bring an assortment of plastic badge holders to suit any clothing style. For instance, one woman wore a silk dress, which doesn’t really suit a clip or pin style holder, but the magnetic or hanging style did. Since the blue or white hanging cord options would have clashed with her brown dress, she opted for the magnetic version. With what I was wearing, I chose one of the biodegradable name badge holders, and attached it to my short button for the more eco-friendly option.

As guests arrived at the restaurant, they were greeted by all of us, and instantly knew who we were and what our role in the wedding was. Throughout the afternoon, during the bridal games, lunch and gift opening, it was easy for people to get our attention when they knew our names. Many attendees had questions about the wedding, and while my sister was bopping around the room, trying to get to every table, she is still only one person. So we, as the bridal party always is, acted as her backup for the day. Having people know our names put them at ease. It is not too graceful of a situation to have someone yelling out, “Hey bridesmaid over there, what time does the ceremony start?”. It is much easier to say, “Lindsay, what time does the ceremony and reception begin?”.

In my opinion, I think having our names on display in name badge holders, helped our guests feel like part of the family and enjoy the afternoon that much more.

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