Mini Binder Pocket is Good Storage for Trade Show Business Cards

Trade shows involve so much preparation and planning, but are often over so quickly. Many shows that we attend are very fast paced, requiring our sales staff to remember conversations with current or potential customers.

One of our account managers likes to take notes directly on people’s business cards. She feels like even short notes will jog her memory so that she can account for what was discussed during her interaction with a show attendee.

Once I was told that this is the practice of many sales people who work the shows, I wanted to develop an easy way for them to store notes or business cards without taking up much of their time.

Typically, I will assemble a trade show binder that has all the important information included in it. Everything from the show itinerary to shipping forms is stored within the binder. Most of our staff likes having this information available to them, and it also eliminates them having to print and assemble this show binder.

C-Line's Mini Size Binder Pocket, Side LoadingSince the pocket is smaller, it will only attach to two of the rings in a standard 3-ring binder.

Since this is something that I already do, I thought it made sense to designate a space within the binder to store lose business cards or note paper. The key was to ensure that the item would be secure for the sales staff while traveling.

The Mini Size Binder Pockets seemed like the way to go. Since the 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 pockets are universally hole punched, they can be stored in a variety of binder sizes. The pockets could easily fit into a letter-size 1 inch or 1 1/2 inch binder without taking up too much space.

The benefit of using this particular product is that the compact storage space was just what was needed to store these show notes and business cards. The hook and loop closure would secure the contents of the pocket to ensure that nothing was lost when the sales team traveled back from shows. Additionally, the ½ inch gusset allowed the pocket to expand to fit more items, if necessary.

Available in an assortment of colors, I think the binder pockets were visually appealing, while still being extremely useful to the busy account managers during the trade shows.

Have you used C-Line’s Mini Size Binder Pockets yet? If so, share with us how you used them below.

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