Mini Size Storage Becomes Customized Personal Planner

People who use personal planners often store everything from their contact information to a weekly grocery list. Being one of those people, I can attest that I would be lost without my planner. Even though my cell phone can store a lot of the information, there is just something about having a paper version of all your important information.

Typically, I buy a planner every year. Regardless of the type I buy, I always find that I am missing a section I need or I can’t reference last year’s information at all. When C-Line came out with the line of Mini Size Binders and Accessories, I was so excited to create my very own customized planner.

Creating my own planner took some work, but once complete, it was perfectly configured for what I needed it for. I would definitely have use for each section I created and the most beneficial part to me was that I would be able to keep information like addresses in the binder year after year. I would only need to add new pages or update my calendar as necessary, which eliminated purchasing a planner annually.

I fully intended on putting all of the accessories to use to make my planner as organized as possible. Here is how I used each product within my planner.

    C-Line's Mini Size Binders and AccessoriesWhen the binder is opened, the five index divider tabs are immediately visible.
  • Mini Size Three-Ring Binder: This 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 binder is compact in size and perfect to store all my planner pages. There are four colors to choose from, and my selection was the bright aqua color. Since the binder has a 1 inch capacity, I will be able to include a lot of sections that I need to with ease.
  • Mini Size Sheet Protectors: Since all of the accessory items are prepunched, they fit directly into my binder. The sheet protectors will be used to store pages that I don’t often write on. My address and contact information pages will be stored within the sheet protectors because they are used often and I don’t write on them on a daily basis. My grocery list, however, will remain out of the sheet protector since I need to write directly on it throughout the week.
  • Mini Size 5-Tab Poly Index Dividers with Pockets: First off, I love that these dividers have pockets. It allows me to slip in random notes that I want to include in my planner, but may not have time to write in. These dividers will be used to create five distinct sections within my planner. The self-adhesive labels allow me to clearly identify where each section is on the tab.
  • Mini Size 5-Tab Poly Index Dividers: Since these are more compact then the dividers with pockets, I have used these to divide my contact section alphabetically. Being that there are five per set, I will have to group several letters together for each section, but it will still make it much easier to find contacts. Again, the self-adhesive labels will be used identify the sections.
  • Mini Size Binder Pockets: Since these binder pockets are secured by a hook and loop closure, I know anything stored in here will remain in place. I have decided to use these pockets to store coupons that I come across. Since I am not a major coupon-er, the pocket will work perfect for random ones that I save to use. The pocket also comes in handy to store any important receipts.

And that’s all there is to it!

Each one of the binder accessory items became extremely useful while assembling my personal planner. The compact size allows me to store it in my work bag, which I carry everywhere with me. In addition, I don’t have to start over with a new planner every year—possibly the best part.

What do you think of this line of mini size storage items? Any thoughts on how you would use it? Share with us below!

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